Flat White Vs Cappuccino – What’s The Difference?

Flat White Vs Cappuccino – What’s The Difference?

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So you’ve had your share of cappuccinos and flat whites, however you’re nonetheless unsure about their variations. Not to fret, I obtained you coated! In this text, I will likely be going over the Flat White Vs Cappuccino by having a look at their historical past and diving into their similarities and key variations that will help you decide which kind of coffee can be finest to your style.

The principal distinction between a flat white and a cappuccino is the preparation of the milk. A cappuccino consists of espresso with steamed milk and milk froth (macrofoam). The flat white consists of espresso with a micro-foamed layer of milk with no froth. 

What is Microfoam (Wet Foam)? 


Microfoam is milk that has been steamed to a finely textured consistency that’s clean, silky and really meringue-like with tiny air bubbles.

What is Macrofoam (Dry Foam)? 


Macrofoam is milk that has been steamed to a textured consistency that’s airier, thicker, and has bigger air bubbles than the Microfoam milk.  

What is a Flat White?


The flat white is an espresso-based milk coffee that accommodates 1-2 photographs of espresso and it’s topped with microfoam milk with none dry froth. The drink will get its title from its signature prime skinny layer of microfoam.

The story has it that the inventor of the Flat White wasn’t significantly eager on the Cappuccino, for it was loaded with an excessive amount of froth and got here off as a “girly” coffee. So the concept of a Cappuccino with a haircut took place. Now, contemplating it’s the ’80s, so what higher haircut to present the coffee than a flat prime reduce, proper? HA! The Flat Top Cappuccino was born! This snazzy new coffee was lacking one factor, it wanted a correct title. Since conventional coffee with milk was already often called “white coffee” it grew to become a “Flat White”. Though it will be humorous if this “city legend” was true, for a extra correct story, proceed studying. 

Typically one single serving of the basic flat white consists of the next measured substances:

  • 1 or 2 Ounces of Espresso (A Ristretto works nice)
  • 4.4 Ounces of Micro-foam/Steamed milk

The coffee is served in a ceramic, 5 ½ oz tulip-shaped cup with a saucer.  

Brief History of Flat White:

The Flat White originated across the Nineteen Eighties from both Australia or New Zealand. Some imagine that it was first created in Wellington, New Zealand. Australians say that Flat White is 100% Australian, whereas New Zealand believes it’s a Kiwi invention; neither nation is keen to choose this matter.

New Zealand claims Derek Townsend invented the drink in 1984. While different rumours level to a barista named Fraser McInnes who invented the drink in 1989. Fraser’s enterprise companion listed it as “A Wellington Flat White – A Failed Cappuccino” on their cafe’s blackboard. (1)

Soon sufficient the Flat white exploded and caught the attention of Starbucks. It was launched to their menu in 2010 for his or her European cafes and entered the U.S. in 2015.

How to Make a Flat White?

  • 1: Begin by pulling 1-2 photographs of espresso into your coffee cup. Many baristas resort to a Ristretto as a base for the Flat White.  A Ristretto is a concerted kind of espresso shot that makes use of half the water of a standard espresso shot.
  • 2: Add your milk to the frothing jug and start steaming.
  • 3: Steam your milk to about 60 levels Celsius. 
  • 4: Stop steaming whenever you discover that your milk has a tremendous and silky consistency and practically no froth. 
  • 5: Pour your microfoam milk into the centre of the cup and over the espresso.
  • 6: Enjoy your flat white.


To obtain a profitable pour, its vital that you simply begin up excessive with the milk stream and slowly come down with the stream till you fill the cup. 

What is a Cappuccino?


Cappuccino is an Italian time period that refers to a “hood”, which is pronounced ka-pu-chee-now. Think of the milk froth being a hood to your espresso and milk. The time period is impressed by the non secular habits of the Capuchin friars. The habits had been of comparable color and contained a hood.

The cappuccino may be served in just a few other ways. Aside from the normal cappuccino, there’s a dry cappuccino, bone dry cappuccino, a moist cappuccino and tremendous moist cappuccino. 

What is a Dry Cappuccino?


A dry cappuccino is made up of an espresso base (1-2 oz) and has extra milk froth and fewer steamed milk. There’s much more air on this coffee because of the improve in foam, therefore the title “Dry”. Some speculate that because of the improve in milk foam and a lower in milk the coffee stays heat longer. A dry cappuccino may also be a bit stronger in style than a conventional one. Since there may be much less milk to mix with the espresso. 

What is a Bone Dry Cappuccino?


A bone dry cappuccino is made up of the usual espresso base (1-2 oz of espresso) and milk froth (foamed milk). The steamed milk is subtracted. 

What is a Wet Cappuccino?


A moist cappuccino is made up of the usual espresso base (1-2 oz of espresso) and extra steamed milk and fewer milk froth. 

Wait… Isn’t this a Latte? Not precisely, although it may possibly get fairly complicated. A Latte has far much less milk froth (foamed milk) than a moist cappuccino. If you’d order an excellent moist cappuccino, then you definitely’d most likely get one thing related a a Latte. 

What is a Super Wet Cappuccino?


A brilliant moist cappuccino is made up of the usual espresso base (1-2 oz of Espresso) and steamed milk and no milk froth, some baristas will apply a touch of froth simply to maintain this coffee within the cappuccino territory. 

However, in a coffee home, one small cup of conventional cappuccino consists of: 

  • 1- 2 Ounces of Espresso
  • 2 Ounces of Steamed Milk
  • 2 Ounces of Foamed Milk (Milk Froth)

A standard cappuccino is often served in a spherical 6oz ceramic cup with a saucer.

Brief History of The Cappuccino


The cappuccino goes again a good distance, lengthy earlier than the espresso machine.

It all began someday within the 18th century when the Viennese gave delivery to the “Kapuziner”, which was a coffee with whipped cream and spices. The title stemmed from the light-brown color habits of the Capuchin monks. The Kapuziner thrived in Viennese-style cafes in Trieste, ultimately making its solution to northern Italy in 1930’s the place it was served equally and named “Cappuccino”. 

It wasn’t till many years into the twentieth century when using industrial espresso machines started to come up in cafes round Italy when the preparation technique of the coffee drink took a flip. The cappuccino developed right into a coffee made with espresso and frothed milk, garnished with some cinnamon or chocolate. Yup, it grew to become barely totally different.

How to Make a Cappuccino?

  • 1: Begin by pulling 1-2 photographs of espresso into your coffee cup.
  • 2: Fill the frothing jug with the milk and start to froth.
  • 3: Keep an eye fixed on the milk throughout the frothing course of, and proceed to froth till the milk turns into thick and foamy. Just beneath 70 levels Celsius is the approximate temperature to your froth. 
  • 4: Now pour the steamed milk slowly over the shot(s) of espresso whereas retaining the froth again, some use a spoon, others can really feel it out.
  • 5: Complete the cappuccino by including roughly one centimetre of the foamy milk on prime of the steamed milk.
  • 6: Garnish with some powdered chocolate or cinnamon. Enjoy!

Flat White Vs Cappuccino – The Similarities and their Differences

Flat White Vs Cappuccino Similarities

● The flat white and cappuccino are each espresso-based coffees and might vary from utilizing 1 to 2 photographs of espresso. Both are milk-based coffees although the milk may be substituted for some other number of milk like soy, oat, almond, and so forth. 

Flat White Vs Cappuccino Differences

● The most elementary distinction is the type of the milk; the 2 drinks even have totally different origins.

● The texture and volumes between the drinks range. A flat white is usually lots smoother than the cappuccino with the milk having a velvet-like consistency and silky end with no froth. A cappuccino is way denser with a head of froth that just about overflows the floor of the cup, leaving you with a particularly wealthy and foamy end. A cappuccino is historically served in a 6oz ceramic cup. A flat white is served in a 5.5oz ceramic cup. Sometimes baristas will serve these drinks in glassware to point out off their multilayer construction. 

● The flat white and cappuccino are composed primarily of steamed milk and espresso. however the technique for steaming and pouring the milk, and the cups through which the drinks are served in, vastly differentiate these drinks.

● The flat white can be lots stronger in style than the cappuccino. If you’re one which likes a little bit of a punch or likes to style the espresso, then a flat white can be your perfect alternative.  

● When it involves dietary worth, the flat white would pack extra energy because it has barely extra milk than the cappuccino. Both of those coffees may be made calorie pleasant with using low-fat milk and different milk substitutes. 

The Flat White Vs Cappuccino Conclusion

Milk preparation and proportions are the primary variations between these coffee drinks. The proper texture and foam formation ensures the suitable style within the mouth, but in addition the way it combines with the coffee and produces your drink’s distinctive flavour. You want the steaming perform of an espresso machine or a milk frother to make velvety foamed (microfoam), frothed (macrofoam), or steamed milk. If you take into accout the precise proportions to your cappuccino and flat white, you’ll create the proper coffee drink. Good luck, and luxuriate in!



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