How to Make Espresso Powder

How to Make Espresso Powder

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It’s the key to a extra chocolatey chocolate cake, the trick to extra flavorful baking. But what precisely is espresso powder, and is it actually doable to make it at residence? 

We attempt to clear up a few of the confusion round this fashionable ingredient and take you thru a easy recipe that may work with floor coffee or complete beans.


  • Espresso grounds or beans
  • Baking sheet
  • Coffee grinder or mortar and pestle
  • Airtight container



1.5 – 3 hours


1 cup per cup of grounds

What is Espresso Powder?

Espresso powder is a typical ingredient in baking, notably in chocolate cake or brownies. But should you’ve ever been confused about precisely what so as to add, there’s an excellent motive for this. There are two completely different merchandise that may each be bought as espresso powder. And whereas they’ve a few of the similar makes use of, they’re not the identical factor, and one can’t all the time be used as an alternative choice to the opposite.

The first is instantaneous espresso powder. This is simply instantaneous coffee, however with a extra intense and concentrated taste. Instant coffee has undergone a posh course of that takes the brewed, liquid coffee from espresso beans and freeze-dried it to create water-soluble granules (1). Due to the equipment wanted, it’s not doable to make instantaneous coffee at residence. Instant coffee can after all be used to make a cup of joe and is useful for touring, however instantaneous espresso is extra typically used for baking. 

The second fashion of espresso powder is espresso grounds which have already been used to brew coffee. They’re then dried and finely floor. Unlike instantaneous coffee, it’s not utterly water-soluble and isn’t appropriate for making coffee – it’s made particularly for baking. This is the sort that we are going to present you find out how to make at this time. 

In each of those instances, the phrase espresso refers back to the coffee roast type. Both the moment granules and the powder are constituted of beans which have been darkish roasted to be appropriate to be used in espresso machines.

How to make use of home made espresso powder

As we talked about above, it’s not doable to make instantaneous coffee at residence. So this DIY espresso powder received’t be helpful for making a fast cup of coffee. But you will see it helpful for cooking, with all types of functions, each candy and savory.

Regular bakers will in all probability discover that espresso powder is a typical ingredient in candy treats, notably the place chocolate is concerned. This is as a result of each chocolate and coffee share an analogous taste profile, so that you’re primarily amplifying the chocolate style.

Espresso powder is chocolate’s finest pal.

Coffee has additionally been proven to make candy meals style sweeter (2). So with out growing the quantity of sugar in your recipes, you’re going to finish up with a chocolate cake or cookies that style much more pleasant. The similar goes for drinks like a scrumptious home made mochaccino.

A small quantity isn’t going to make your meals style like coffee, it’s going to simply assist so as to add complexity to the flavour.

But espresso powder has loads of different makes use of past baked items. It works effectively in savory dishes too, with the wealthy, earthy notes introduced out by a darkish roast including further depth. If you’ve ever seen stew or braise recipes that decision for cocoa powder, it has the identical function – do that instead. Some swear by a teaspoon of espresso powder as the key ingredient of their dry spice rub for steaks, or for getting that good char crust on grilled meats.

Let’s speak grounds.

If you take a look at a jar of commercially made espresso powder (not the moment sort), it’s going to say one thing like “darkly roasted coffee beans which have been floor, brewed, dried, after which floor to a really tremendous powder.” (3)  

This implies that the grounds in query have already been used for brewing. If you make your personal espresso at residence, you’re going to have loads of grounds left over in your knock box, which might be excellent for this recipe. This is a pleasant technique to recycle, however do remember that many of the coffee has already been extracted from these grounds. 

If you need a larger coffee taste, you may need to attempt espresso grounds or beans that haven’t been brewed but. This can also be an excellent choice for individuals who need to make espresso powder at residence however don’t really drink coffee. Knowing find out how to make espresso powder from beans can transform less expensive than the store-bought stuff. This will after all be increased in caffeine than should you’re utilizing pre-brewed grounds.

This ingredient has adopted the identify of espresso, however you can also make this recipe with any form of floor coffee or complete bean. When it involves espresso vs coffee beans, you’re not taking a look at completely different beans, simply completely different serving ideas.

Labeling coffee beans as “espresso” usually hints at a darker roast, and thus, a bolder taste than gentle and medium roast beans.

So, actually, any dark roast beans or grounds will do, even when they’re not particularly marked espresso. If you’re used to consuming medium or gentle roast coffee at residence, attempt a small batch with a few of your leftover grounds. See if it nonetheless provides you the chocolate-enhancing impact you’re after.

How to Make DIY Espresso Powder

Now that you’ve got all of the gear you want, it’s time to get cooking. This versatile recipe works with any form of grounds or coffee beans, and the quantity you make is totally as much as you.

Roast your coffee

First, preheat your oven to 170°F. If your oven won’t go this low, simply use the bottom temperature accessible. The purpose is to dry out the grounds, to not cook dinner them. Spread your grounds out as evenly as doable over a baking sheet. It’s finest to make use of a baking sheet with a rim in order that there’s no spillage as you place the grounds within the oven. If you’re utilizing complete beans, ensure they’re in a single layer.

The bake time will rely totally on what sort of coffee you’re beginning with. Whole beans or unbrewed grounds can take as little as one hour, whereas pre-brewed espresso grounds will take round 2 hours. The finest thought is to test repeatedly after the primary hour, ensuring they don’t keep in too lengthy.

If you burn your coffee grounds, it will create a bitter-tasting espresso powder.

For grounds, you need them to be dry to the purpose that they’ve a “crunchy” texture. This is a little bit tougher to check for beans, however they need to have a really brittle really feel to them.

Top tip: If you’re utilizing leftover grounds from making filter coffee, they’re going to have extra residual moisture, and can want an extended bake time within the oven.

Get grinding

After eradicating your grounds from the oven, go away them to chill for 5-10 minutes on the baking sheet.

Transfer your grounds to the coffee grinder. Depending on how a lot powder you make, you may need to do that in batches. Then you’re simply going to grind till you’ve gotten a tremendous powder. You need this to be as near one thing like cocoa powder or as you will get it – it will make sure you get a clean texture in your meals.

While we usually advocate a burr coffee grinder for grinding your beans, a blade or spice grinder works simply as effectively on this occasion. We’re not attempting to get a constant grind at a specific measurement, simply getting it as tremendous as doable. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, you may use a mortar and pestle or perhaps a blender for this step. However, should you’re beginning with complete beans, a grinder is really useful. 

Top tip: Make positive your grinder is totally dry earlier than including the grounds, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a coffee paste!

Store your home made espresso powder

Add your contemporary floor espresso powder to an hermetic container and out of direct daylight, simply as you’ll for coffee beans or grounds. You won’t be brewing coffee with these things, however you continue to want it to style good!

Espresso powder has a shelf lifetime of round six months, however remember that the flavour and style will deteriorate over time. Contact with oxygen won’t solely trigger the espresso powder to lose its taste however can even have an effect on the coffee’s pure oils, resulting in a rancid style (4). And simply as with coffee or spices, humidity and warmth can even impression the freshness. This means no storing it within the fridge, or on the counter subsequent to the range. The finest place for it’s in a cool, darkish cabinet.

Storing your espresso powder accurately is significant to sustaining the style, so chances are you’ll need to think about a specialised spice container or coffee canister with a one-way valve. 

Top tip: Make your espresso powder in small batches when you have already got plans to make use of it. 

Final Thoughts

With these easy steps, you possibly can create your personal batch of espresso powder at residence, prepared for including to truffles, drinks, and savory recipes. Not solely will this prevent cash, however it additionally provides new life to your used coffee grounds.


Espresso powder is gluten-free, offered it’s made with solely coffee. If you’re utilizing store-bought espresso powder, notably the moment sort, chances are you’ll need to test the label for any further elements, corresponding to fillers.

You tamp espresso to supply essentially the most even extraction when pulling a shot. Tamping additionally compresses the grounds in order that the water doesn’t circulation via too quick, which might result in an under-extracted coffee (5).

No, you do not want an espresso machine to make espresso powder. You can use this recipe with leftover grounds from any form of brewing methodology together with pour over and French press. You can even use espresso beans or grounds that haven’t been beforehand brewed.

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