Instant Coffee vs Ground Coffee: Is There a Difference?

Instant Coffee vs Ground Coffee: Is There a Difference?

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Depending on the place you reside, this debate would possibly by no means have crossed your thoughts. In the USA, common coffee is the predominant brew, whereas, in Eastern Europe, the UK, and components of Asia, immediate coffee reigns supreme.

We define the variations between most of these coffee and the place to make use of them greatest.

Instant coffee vs common coffee: the fundamentals 

The key to the distinction right here is within the title. Regular floor coffee is just roasted beans that you just grind in a grinder. Instant coffee is a soluble type of pre-brewed coffee. Instant coffee was invented to offer an “immediate” different to the common coffee brewing course of. 

Making a brew from ground coffee entails two issues. First, getting the coffee out of the beans and into your cup (you do that in a number of other ways). This often means including sizzling water and both steeping, percolating, or including stress. There’s no warmth concerned within the case of chilly brew, however there’s an prolonged extraction time. 

At the top of the method, you’ll have your liquid coffee and used grounds.

By distinction, immediate coffee solely requires the addition of water, with no extraction time. This is as a result of it has already gone by means of the brewing course of within the manufacturing facility. Unlike floor coffee, immediate coffee granules will dissolve fully as soon as the water is added, with no waste product disposed of.

How is immediate coffee made?

Instant coffee and floor coffee begin with the identical uncooked supplies: inexperienced coffee beans. At the manufacturing facility, they roast the beans in giant batches, then floor them. This is the place you’ll cease within the course of of making common floor coffee. (If you wish to know how coffee is made, we’ve written a whole information).

The grounds are steeped to create large vats of floor coffee. They then cut back this coffee to type a thick coffee focus. The moisture must be totally faraway from this focus to create a shelf-stable product.

The remaining drying course of contains one among two methods: spray drying or freeze-drying. Freeze-drying retains extra of the coffee’s pure style and aroma, but it surely’s a costlier and time-consuming course of. For a full rundown on the science, try our article on how instant coffee is made.

Comparing the style

When it involves immediate coffee vs brewed coffee, there isn’t any comparability by way of style – common coffee is undeniably better. Some folks would even think about them to be completely different drinks.

It’s like orange squash and orange juice, they’re each known as orange however that’s just about the place the similarities finish.

One cause that immediate coffee tastes dangerous is that it’s typically made with Robusta beans. A substantial quantity of caffeine is misplaced through the manufacturing course of, and the naturally larger caffeine content material of Robusta coffee helps to stability this out (1). Sadly, it’s to the detriment of the flavour.

In current years, nevertheless, there was a transfer in the direction of enhancing the style and high quality of immediate coffee, with connoisseur, natural and fair-trade choices.

When to make use of immediate coffee vs coffee grounds

We wish to say that with out exception, you need to be ingesting common floor coffee. But in case you’re going tenting or touring, there’s nothing fairly just like the comfort of the freeze-dried stuff. Not to say that it gained’t go stale. 

Beyond your every day brew, immediate coffee comes into its personal once you’re cooking. The soluble type means that you could add an immediate coffee taste increase to smoothies, muffins, or marinades with out the additional liquid you’d get from including brewed coffee.

Final ideas

If you’re in search of an excellent cup of coffee, we’re going to suggest the bottom stuff each time. But in case you go for an immediate, you’ll want to decide on fastidiously (and possibly spend a bit extra) to get one thing value waking as much as.


Instant coffee can last as long as 20 years, even after opening. However, any publicity to moisture would possibly change the feel and even enable mildew to develop (2).

Instant coffee is used to make Dalgona. The dry texture and lack of oils mean you can create the froth when whipping with sugar and water (3).

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