Pour Over Vs. French Press Coffee

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Pour Over Vs. French Press Coffee Maker- Which One Is Best?

Pour-over and French press are two strategies which have notably change into extra extensively used than others. Mostly, as a result of they’re a simple and an inexpensive different to costly coffee makers. But you may make a fantastic cup of coffee with it, too!

Although the style of the coffee produced by the 2 strategies is completely different, each strategies are very reasonably priced and straightforward to make use of. If you’re contemplating shopping for one in every of these or discovering it troublesome to decide on probably the most appropriate methodology, you might be in the appropriate place.

What is the French Press?

french press coffee maker with filled coffee cups

A French press, which is also referred to as a press sizzling or coffee plunger, is a tool that was first patented in 1929 by Attilio Calimani. In easy phrases, a French press is a tool used to brew a French press coffee.

This coffee maker comes with a easy and classy design that lives as much as its expectations. Even although it is available in completely different sizes, colours, and supplies, all of them have the identical mode of operation.

How is a French Press Coffee Brewed?

1. Warm the French Press

Although you possibly can keep away from this step, it’ll be certain that your coffee stays heat in the course of the brew process- extracting extra flavors. To heat your French press, warmth water to boil, and rinse out the French press with it.

2. Measure and Grind the Coffee Beans

The coffee to water ratio for the French press is 1:12. So, for each three cups of coffee you need (8 ounces every), you’ll want about 4ounces of beans. Grind the coffee beans in a burr grinder within the coarsest setting. Alternatively, you should use a blade grinder to grind in short, sharp pulses intermittently.

Mind you, your beans, after grinding, ought to be coarse, tough, evenly sized, and with little advantageous grit.

3. Heat and add the water to the French Press.

Heat the required cups (coffee to water = 1:12) of water for about 4minutes- relying in your heating device- till the water will get to 212F.

4. Fill and Stir

Pour the new water into the French press and stir vigorously in an up and down movement.

5. Steep for 4 Minutes

Allow your coffee to steep for 4 minutes.

6. Plunge the Press

After steeping, press the plunger down. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t push too exhausting as that may over agitate the coarse coffee floor. Thus, making your coffee style a little bit bit bitter.

Serve and Enjoy!

How is a French Press Coffee Brewed

What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

What are its Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of a French Press

  • It has an lively and steady brewing course of, which suggests it’ll proceed brewing till once you wish to pour it right into a cup. As a outcome, it makes it all the time contemporary and flavorful.
  • It is environmentally secure and straightforward to get rid of because the leftover grounds go immediately into the compost.
  • The French press effectively extracts a substantial chunk of the flavour and nutrient from the beans throughout brewing. Besides, it permits the coffee to brew in sizzling water.
  • It lets you customise the grind dimension, richness, and power.

Disadvantages of a French Press

  • The closing brew incorporates grit. Although the display filter takes care of bigger particles, it doesn’t take away the smaller ones.
  • It is troublesome to wash and time-consuming.

Brewing Time

When it involves brewing time, the French press will not be very fast. However, it doesn’t eat a lot time both. For the French press, it has a brewing time of about 4 minutes, excluding the time it takes to grind the beans and warmth the water.

What You Will Need

One function that makes the French press stand out in comparison with the Pour over is that it doesn’t require a lot of supplies and tools.

A French press requires only a few items of apparatus, and so they embrace: 

  • Measuring tablespoons
  • Stirring spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Coffee grounds
  • French press
  • Coffee grinder
  • Kettle for heating water
  • Scale
  • Timer

Tips and Tricks

grinding coffee beans before brewing in french press

  • Grind Your Coffee Beans Right Before Brewing

We acknowledge the comfort you’ll get from utilizing pre-ground coffee in your joe. However, that consolation comes with a price- the style of your coffee. Using pre-ground coffee could make your coffee style stale. So, it’s better, tastier, and fresher to grind just before brewing.

  • Use A Good Grinder

For a French press, you will have a uniform, coarse grind with little advantageous particles (if potential, no advantageous particles). However, this grinding effectivity is just achievable with a high burr grinder.

  • Clean Your French Press Always

Always guarantee your French Press is clear earlier than every use because it helps to forestall you from having a style of your outdated coffee. You can clear the leftover oils utilizing water and cleaning soap to eradicate the oils. 

  • Use Good Quality Water  

One of the secrets and techniques to brewing coffee is the standard of water. Also, you should make sure you take note of the water to coffee ratio so that you just get the perfect combine in your desired style.

  • Warm Up the Pot Before Brewing 

For a tastier and flavorful cup of coffee, make sure you heat up your French press earlier than use. You can do that by pouring boiled or sizzling water into the coffee maker after which leaving it inside for some minutes. It will assist in stopping the coffee from getting cool shortly.  

What is the Pour Over Method?

pour over coffee in tent

The Pour-over coffee, additionally known as handbook brewing or hand brewing is just coffee made by including sizzling water to coffee grounds and positioned in a filter. Here, the water flows into the coffee after which filters right into a carafe.

Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz created this coffee brewing methodology in Germany in 1900. One thrilling function of the Pour-over coffee is that additionally it is wonderful in relation to brewing tea.

The Pour-over coffee maker is easy and straightforward to make use of too. Additionally, it’s critical to notice that options like dimension and variety of holes play very important roles in figuring out the standard of the ultimate coffee brew.

How to Brew with the Pour Over Method

1. Select Your Coffee Beans

Since completely different folks have the sort of beans they love, it’s left so that you can resolve. If you don’t have a favourite coffee sort, you possibly can seek the advice of together with your native barista.

2. Grind the Beans

After deciding on your favourite beans, the following factor to do is to grind it. The floor ought to be to a medium-fine to a medium-coarse degree like sea salt. More so, burr grinders are distinctive at attaining the required grind dimension.

3. Prep Your Filter

Place an appropriate filter contained in the dripper of the coffee maker. When making use of a paper filter, make sure you moist the filter with sizzling water earlier than persevering with with brewing because it helps to eradicate its paper-like style.

4. Heat the Water

We advocate you warmth 2 cups of water for 2 tablespoons of coffee. You can tweak it barely for a stronger style.

If you might be utilizing an electrical little, you can too warmth the water to a temperature starting from about 195 to 205 levels Fahrenheit, relying in your choice. If you might be utilizing a range, simply permit the water to boil for 30 seconds. 

5. Set Up to Brew

Place the tumbler, cup, or carafe on the dimensions, add the coffee within the filter, and set the dimensions to zero. With this association, it is possible for you to to see the quantity of water you might be pouring.

The water to coffee ratio of 17:1 is a good way to begin. However, you possibly can tweak it relying in your choice.

6. Bloom The Grounds

Evenly moist the coffee grounds with sufficient water to make it saturated. The extra gasoline bubble will escape therefore permitting the ultimate Pour to cross by the coffee grounds. 

7. Pour the Water

After blooming, anticipate 30 seconds after which slowly start to pour the new water from the surface edge to the middle in a round movement.

8. Clean Up

When you end pouring the water, make sure the coffee filters finally. Throw the used grounds after which rinse and the Pour Over software after it has cooled.

9. Tweak It

Since Pour over coffee is very customizable, you possibly can alter all the things about it from the water’s temperature, grind dimension, focus, and the pace of your Pour.

Serve and luxuriate in!

how to brew coffee with pour over method

What are its Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of a Pour-over

  • The Pour-over is simpler to wash in comparison with the French press because it doesn’t want dismantling.
  • Its tools is reasonable as a number of the system’s assemble is from exhausting plastic. 
  • The Pour-over has much less grit because it has a filter that removes all particles leaving the brewed coffee solely. 
  • It lets you brew small quantities of coffee.

Disadvantages of a Pour-over

  • The filtering course of concerned makes the coffee lose its wealthy oils from the beans.
  • The coffee will not be as robust because the French press. However, it’s good for individuals who want a light cup of coffee.

Brewing Time

The Pour-over has a brewing time of about 3 minutes. However, it doesn’t embrace the time utilized in heating your water, inserting the filter, grinding the beans, and cleansing. 

What You Will Need

Just just like the French press, the Pour over doesn’t require a considerable amount of tools to brew coffee. To use the Pour over to brew coffee, you will have the next:  

  • Coffee beans
  • Pour-over coffee maker.
  • Coffee grinder
  • Filters
  • Scale
  • Coffee grinder
  • A cup, carafe, or tumbler
  • Stovetop or electrical kettle
  • Thermometer
  • Quality water

Tips and Tricks

  • Grind Your Coffee Beans Last

Grinding your beans final earlier than you begin pouring helps to make sure the coffee beans are contemporary. You ought to take into account grinding the beans no more than 15 seconds earlier than pouring.

  • Grind Size

When grinding your coffee beans, guarantee it maintains the identical consistency all by. It ought to have a coarseness degree resembling sea salt. Variation within the sizes will trigger both over-extraction or below extraction of the beans. Hence, affecting the style and high quality of the ultimate brew. 

  • Pre Wet the Filter

Pre-wetting your filter additionally helps to enhance the style of the coffee. If you might be utilizing paper filters, pre-wetting the filter will eradicate the probabilities of having the style of paper in your coffee. Besides, pre-wetting your filter helps in releasing the carbon dioxide within the beans because of grinding. 

  • Preheat your Cup, Carafe, or Brewer

When you perform this course of, it helps to keep up a relentless temperature, thus resulting in a extra built-in cup of coffee.

  • Always Clean

Always clear the Pour over arrange completely earlier than each contemporary use. It will assist in eradicating leftover coffee oils, which may have an effect on the style of your coffee.

  • Use Freshly Ground Coffee

Although there’s pre-ground coffee out there, it’s advisable to floor coffee freshly. Unlike freshly floor coffee, pre-ground coffee tends to lose its taste as a result of extended publicity to air or poor storage.

  • Customize Your Coffee

Regularly customise your coffee to your style by adjusting the coffee to water ratio, grinding the coffee to a finer coarseness degree, and adjusting the temperature of the water.

Best French Press Coffee Makers 


Overall, it’s comparatively troublesome to pick which methodology is the perfect between pour-over and French press because it is determined by your style and preferences. More so, each coffee makers are fairly reasonably priced, require time, and produce a fantastic cup of coffee.

In phrases of brewing, each strategies are straightforward and simple. However, the poured coffee produces cleaner, smoother, and lighter coffee. At the identical time, the French press creates a stronger and full-bodied coffee.

Pour-over coffee supplies you with extra customization choices than the French press therefore making it preferrred for individuals who all the time like to tweak their cup of coffee. If you might be lazy in cleansing your coffee machine, then the Pour over would possibly simply be good for you as it’s simpler to wash in comparison with the French press. 

That stated, be happy to undergo our detailed information earlier than making your closing alternative.

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