Types of Coffee Pods (Capsule Compatibility Chart)

Types of Coffee Pods (Capsule Compatibility Chart)

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In an excellent world, you’d be capable of use any coffee capsule in your house pod machine. This would offer you entry to the tons of of flavors, strengths, and kinds of coffee on supply – at a variety of costs. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and as soon as you purchase a machine, you’re restricted to at least one kind.

So how do you navigate the world of pods, pads, and capsules? We’re right here to assist.

Coffee pod vs coffee capsule

If you suppose coffee capsules and coffee pods are the identical factor, then suppose once more. But however, you’re additionally type of proper. These two phrases ought to check with various things, however in actuality, they’re usually used interchangeably. Confused? We’ll clarify.

Coffee pods

A coffee pod or pad is a pre-packaged dose of floor coffee in a paper filter like a spherical teabag. These are available in two varieties: comfortable and arduous.

Coffee pods are available in two varieties: comfortable and arduous.

The comfortable fashion is used to make drip coffee in a variety of non-pressurized machines (however not Keurigs). The arduous kind is used to make espresso in pump machines, and are additionally referred to as Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E) pods.

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Coffee capsules

You’re in all probability way more aware of the coffee capsule. Depending on the model they’re comprised of aluminum or plastic to accommodate the coffee grounds, and generally a filter. Capsule machines produce both espresso-style coffee, akin to with the Nespresso, or drip coffee with manufacturers like Keurig. You might hear these known as coffee capsules, coffee pods, Nespresso pods/capsules, or Ok-Cups. 

The drawback comes about as a result of many individuals name Nespresso capsules “pods”. If you wish to purchase coffee pods or pads, you’ll in all probability need to specify precisely what you might be after.

Coffee capsule compatibility

The most irritating factor about utilizing coffee capsules is that you simply’re locked into those who suit your machine. Nespresso may need pioneered the concept of the single-serve machine for house use, however now the model has loads of imitators, every with their very own capsule “system.” Even Nespresso pod varieties fluctuate with their totally different machines, like these.

A specific kind of capsule might have the potential for use in numerous machines. For instance, the Nespresso authentic pods may also be used within the Wacaco model Minipresso. However, a machine from the Nespresso authentic line won’t be able to simply accept another type of capsules. The backside line: capsule methods aren’t interchangeable. If you’re having hassle deciding which pod machine to purchase, take a look at our recommendations.

You would possibly usually see a comparison between pods and K-Cups. While most capsules fluctuate merely in form and measurement, the Ok-Cups are designed for a distinct extraction technique. Rather than espresso-style coffee, Keurigs (and due to this fact Ok-Cups), create a drip-style brew. Soft coffee pods are additionally used for drip-style coffee, however they aren’t interchangeable with Ok-Cups.

Note: You would possibly wish to think about whether or not third-party capsules can be found and if you will get any specific flavors you want. 

Reusable coffee pods

Coffee capsules and pods could be fast and handy, however they do have their downsides. One is that you simply’re not brewing with freshly floor coffee, one other is the price, and at last there’s the waste they trigger, significantly with the coffee capsules.

The vitality output of producing is so nice, that no single-use merchandise can evaluate to a reusable product.

The answer to those points is reusable or refillable coffee capsules. These are made from both plastic or steel and are merely empty capsules that you simply fill with your individual coffee as wanted. Just as with common coffee capsules, you’ll have to discover a model that’s suitable together with your specific machine.

Final ideas

If you’re shopping for a single-serve machine, you’ll want to think twice about what sort of capsules can be found. And if you have already got a pump espresso machine, why not strive a coffee pod? 

Let us know what you suppose, and if we missed any  of the forms of coffee pods on the market.


Coffee luggage may be in comparison with teabags, however for coffee. They are paper filters full of floor coffee which might be steeped in scorching water – they aren’t used with any kind of machine. Some coffee luggage include a combination of floor coffee and immediate coffee.

Coffee capsules do have an expiration date that will probably be printed on the packaging. However, some manufacturers declare that they’re protected to make use of months or years after this date (1). Of course, coffee begins to lose its taste as quickly because it’s floor, so don’t have any nice expectations concerning the style.

Coffee pods suitable with De’Longhi will rely upon the mannequin of the machine. De’Longhi is a producer of Nespresso Vertuo and original machines, in addition to its personal pump espresso machines. There aren’t any particular De’Longhi capsules.

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