Whipped Coffee vs. Frappe Coffee

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Both whipped coffee and frappe coffee are extremely popular drinks, so what’s the distinction between them and which is finest in your coffee preferences?

What is Whipped Coffee?


You is likely to be most accustomed to whipped coffee because it just lately grew to become a popularized coffee pattern within the final yr. Whipped coffee is often known as dalgona coffee. It was initially created in Korea and this Korean coffee pattern then unfold to the remainder of the world by social media. It is a really aesthetically pleasing drink and it’s basically a layer of whipped, fluffy coffee on prime of chilly milk and ice.

How to Make Whipped Coffee

If you’re questioning find out how to make dalgona coffee or whipped coffee your self at dwelling, it’s truly a easy course of. In truth, it’s only made with 4 components! This consists of prompt coffee, sugar, water, and milk.

In order to create your whipped coffee, merely add in prompt coffee, sugar, and water at a one to 1 ratio. For occasion, two tablespoons of prompt coffee, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, and two tablespoons of water. Once you might have carried out this, you combine the components collectively both by hand or utilizing a hand mixer till stiff peaks are fashioned. Keep in thoughts that mixing this by hand can take rather a lot longer and require a number of arm energy and endurance.

How to Drink Whipped Coffee

The easiest technique to drink your dalgona is including the coffee froth you might have blended up over milk and ice, stir it collectively and luxuriate in. However, there are many different methods you may customise the drink to raised suit your style preferences. For occasion, in case you choose scorching coffee, you may add your dalgona coffee over scorching or steamed milk. Additionally, in case you take pleasure in flavored coffee or have a candy tooth, vanilla or caramel syrup flavors might be added into your dalgona coffee drink as effectively.

What Makes Whipped Coffee Whipped?

If that is the primary time you might have heard of dalgona coffee, or whipped coffee, you could be stunned that coffee might be reworked right into a whipped cream texture. So what makes whipped coffee whipped and might you employ coffee beans to make whipped coffee?

The act of whipping utilizing a whisk not solely blends components collectively, however incorporates air into the combination. Moreover, the properties of sugar and prompt coffee enable these air bubbles to droop into the combination, making a fluffy froth of coffee. Due to the distinctive properties of prompt coffee, whipped coffee can’t be made out of floor coffee. This is as a result of common coffee doesn’t have the emulsifiers in prompt coffee that permits the frothing impact to happen.

What is a Frappe Coffee?


Now that we all know what whipped coffee is, what’s a frappe coffee and the way is it made? The phrase frappe is French that means to be overwhelmed or shaken. Just like its identify, that is how the frappe coffee is made.

So what’s in a frappe? While there are many types of the coffee relying on the store that makes it or in response to somebody’s private choice, the unique frappe comes from Greece. The Greek model is a straightforward recipe that makes use of prompt coffee, chilly water, ice cubes, and sugar. You also can use chilly milk reasonably than water for a creamier drink. These components are then blended or shaken collectively utilizing a hand shaker or mixer till the drink turns into foamy.

How to Make a Frappe

So find out how to make a frappe coffee at dwelling? The quickest and simplest way you can also make your individual frappe at house is so as to add in two tablespoons of prompt coffee, chilly water or chilly milk, ice cubes, and sugar to style right into a blender or cocktail shaker. Once you might have blended or shaken these components collectively, your scrumptious frothy coffee is able to be poured right into a cup and loved.

Moreover, you may simply customise this coffee drink to your individual private style preferences. This consists of including flavored syrups resembling vanilla or mocha. You also can add toppings to your frappe coffee after you might have poured it right into a cup. These can embrace whipped cream, milk foam, ice cream, or caramel.

Whipped Coffee vs Frappe Coffee


Frappe coffee and whipped coffee could appear fairly comparable in that they’re each a sort of frothed coffee drink. However, there are some vital variations between them. So what are the variations and similarities between whipped coffee and frappe coffee?

To begin off, there are a number of similarities each coffee drinks share. For one, they’re each made with prompt coffee. Additionally, each recipes with none further toppings or add-ins, solely require 4 components. Due to this, each the dalgona coffee and whipped coffee are very straightforward to make and don’t take up a lot time. Another similarity is that they each might be simply custom-made in response to an individual’s style choice by including in flavored syrups or toppings.

The largest distinction between a frappe and a whipped coffee is that they’ve distinct textures. For occasion, the dalgona or whipped coffee is rather a lot thicker in texture earlier than it’s blended in with milk. On the opposite hand, as frappe coffee is shaken with all components together with chilly water or milk, its consistency is thinner and never as fluffy as whipped coffee. Additionally, whereas dalgona is all the time blended with a sort of milk, frappe coffee might be made with both water or milk. Lastly, whipped coffee might be made into both an iced or scorching drink however frappe coffee is all the time served chilly. 

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