Why Is My Coffee Bitter? Learn How To Make Coffee Less Bitter

Why Is My Coffee Bitter? Learn How To Make Coffee Less Bitter

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A cup of extraordinarily bitter coffee could be fairly a horrible technique to begin the day. Each coffee drinker has their very own definition of coffee bitterness, a brand new coffee drinker may discover their coffee remarkably bitter and undrinkable, whereas a extra skilled coffee drinker may admire the bitterness to a sure extent. Coffee bitterness performs an essential position in the case of a scrumptious cup of coffee, but it surely’s normally by no means the dominating style. So when you’ve got skilled a really bitter coffee in your time, then you definately most likely nonetheless do not forget that terrible style that had you disturbed all through that day. So with out additional ado let’s go over the infamous questions “why is my coffee bitter?” and “find out how to make coffee much less bitter?” 

Why Is My Coffee Bitter?

My bitter coffee expertise stays contemporary in my reminiscence as if it occurred yesterday. I can nonetheless keep in mind myself studying the directions on the coffee package deal time and again, and making an attempt to determine what occurred or the place I received all of it fallacious. It was to my shock that there was nothing fallacious with the coffee, and it was my preparation that was defective. 

You could not know this, however there’s extra to making ready coffee than following the same old grind and brew routine. So let’s check out what makes your coffee style bitter and the way we are able to go about fixing it!

What makes coffee bitter?

It’s indeniable that coffee normally has a naturally bitter style aside from when your coffee falls sufferer to among the issues listed under. However, some coffee bitterness could be totally terrible. Below I listed just a few the explanation why your coffee is perhaps bitter. 

Grinding your coffee beans too finely

Coffee Grind Size Is Important

Grinding your coffee beans is step one in coffee preparation, and it will also be the primary perpetrator behind making your coffee bitter. One of the explanations for bitter coffee is brewing extraordinarily positive floor coffee with the fallacious coffee brewer. The science behind that is that it doesn’t take a lot time for water to cross by means of finely-ground coffee resulting in over-extraction. The longer the water has contact with the coffee the extra the bitterness. There are about 1800 compounds in coffee beans that contribute to its flavour. Some of that are distributed on the floor of the beans whereas others within the inside half. Grinding your beans too finely will expose all of the compounds together with the bitter ones to the brewing water inflicting you to over-extract a lot simpler.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Grind your coffee beans coarsely

Don’t grind your coffee too positive. Brewing with coarse coffee grounds will cut back its threat to over-extraction. Leaving you with a sweeter tasting coffee.

Over-brewing your coffee

Don't over-steep your coffee

Coffee could be brewed in some ways, from an computerized drip machine, pour-over, espresso machine or a French press. However, amongst these brewing strategies, the French press brewer normally results in over-extraction as a result of the water and floor beans are in fixed contact through the brewing course of.

Over-steeping or over-extraction happens when the bottom coffee sits within the water for too lengthy. This can simply happen when brewing with a French press or AeroPress coffee maker. So in case you brew your coffee for greater than 4-minutes in your French press, count on to style robust bitter coffee.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Don’t over-steep your coffee

Keep an eye fixed on the brewing time, and experiment. If you’re brewing with a French press, be sure your steeping time doesn’t exceed 4-minutes to stop over-extraction.

Your coffee grind dimension and brewing methodology doesn’t align

Each coffee grind dimension has its personal applicable brewing methodology. So when brewing coffee, it’s essential that you simply pair up the correct coffee grind dimension with the correct coffee brewer. Using our coffee grind dimension information linked above it is possible for you to to get one step nearer to that good brew. You can all the time alter if wanted.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Choose the suitable coffee grind dimension on your brewing methodology

As a rule of thumb, coarse grounds brew properly with a French press/Moka Pot, medium and positive grounds brew properly with drip coffee machines and extra-fine grounds for espresso machines and Turkish coffee pots. Don’t be afraid to experiment and check out completely different grind sizes till you get a satisfying sweeter style.

Water temperature

How to make coffee less bitter - Temperature control.

Brewing your coffee with water on the boiling temperature will trigger over-extraction. Meanwhile, ingesting your coffee chilly is way worse as a result of bitterness is extra outstanding in cooler temperatures.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Steep your floor coffee on the proper temperature

Brew your coffee at a temperature throughout the vary of 195⁰F to 205⁰F, the nearer it’s to 205⁰F the higher. To do that, boil your water and let it cool for about 30-seconds, or warmth your water utilizing a kettle with temperature management.

The water to coffee ratio

Your water to coffee ratio issues so much. When there’s extra floor coffee to water, the combination ends in a bitter coffee. So, to keep away from bitter coffee, one should combine the water and floor coffee utilizing the suitable ratio.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Balance your coffee-water ratio

The rule of thumb says that your coffee to water ratio needs to be 1:18. It implies that 1 gram of coffee will go along with 18 grams of water to stop bitterness. You also can experiment with 1:19 or 1:17 and see which one is greatest on your style. For greatest outcomes, investing in a coffee/meals scale is a should. You can precisely measure out your grounds and brew constant coffee.

The value of your coffee beans

Choosing amount over high quality is another excuse for bitter-tasting coffee. low-grade blends will produce bad-tasting coffee. So in case you’re shopping for low cost coffee beans, then that’s presumably the primary motive why your coffee is tasting bitter.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Choose high quality over amount

Quality coffee comes at costly costs, most likely inside $35 to $50 per bag. However, one very sure factor is that the second you style a coffee that falls inside this value vary, you’ll by no means select amount over high quality in your life once more.

Stale coffee beans

Once coffee beans undergo the roasting course of then it’s solely a matter of some days till their peak freshness begins to dwindle, particularly if you’re shopping for your coffee already floor.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Buy an applicable quantity and retailer it correctly

When shopping for coffee, all the time purchase what you possibly can drink. A coffee provide for per week or two is good, something extra and also you is perhaps ingesting stale coffee. Also, be sure you are sealing your coffee in an hermetic container and protecting it in a dry spot, like the cabinet. Never put your coffee within the fridge or freezer.

Type of Coffee Roast

When it involves coffee roasts, the darker the roast the extra bitter the coffee. Coffee roasting performs a vital position in your coffee bitterness, the longer the coffee is roasted the harsher the style might be. (1)

How to make coffee much less bitter? Experiment with varied coffee roasts

So in case you’re seeking to keep away from the “bitterness” as a lot as doable, then goal for a light-weight or medium roast. It’s additionally good to experiment with a variety of roasts and see which one suits along with your style buds.

Dirty tools

Dirty Equipment

Using soiled coffee tools to brew your coffee will also be the rationale for the bitterness. The pure bitter style of coffee comes from its acidity. Brewing your floor coffee in soiled tools with concentrated acidity will solely enhance the acidity of the coffee which can end in an terrible bitter style.

How to make coffee much less bitter? Clean your coffee makers recurrently

Clean your coffee tools not less than as soon as per week. The filter needs to be washed instantly after every use. And if doable, washed totally after each utilization. If you’re utilizing a drip machine, then working contemporary water by means of it not less than as soon as per week can do your gear some good. By doing this, you can be eliminating left-over acids within the coffee makers. 


Everyone has a special tolerance to bitterness. My coffee is perhaps candy for you, whereas your coffee is perhaps bitter to me. At the tip of the day, all of it comes down to non-public choice and experimentation. So the subsequent time you end up taking a sip of an unpleasantly bitter coffee, analyze the scenario and use among the steps above to repair it! Enjoy!  



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