Why Using Coffee Pods Can Potentially Cause a Hormone Imbalance

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Coffee is likely one of the commonest ways in which individuals begin their day. As we work at home increasingly more, many individuals use coffee pods for his or her morning cup of coffee.


While this has been thought of wholesome for years, there’s some new proof that plastic coffee pods may not be as wholesome as beforehand thought. There is a few proof from a research executed in 2011 that there are estrogenic compounds in some plastic coffee pods.

Plastics Have Been Considered Less Healthy Overall

Plastics Have Been Considered Less Healthy Overall

When analysis confirmed that plastic water bottles may shed carcinogens after being uncovered to the solar, this spurred curiosity within the compounds that have been conveyed to foods and drinks by different plastic containers. We reside in a sea of plastic containers nowadays that maintain liquids, in addition to meals, and the priority for a lot of researchers, was that each one of those containers may pose well being dangers beneath the fitting circumstances.

Usually, the explanation that plastic will convey dangerous chemical compounds to meals or liquids that it comprises is that it was uncovered to warmth. This is true of bottles which might be uncovered to the solar nevertheless it appears now to even be true of coffee pods uncovered to scorching water through the brewing course of. This is smart when you think about simply how scorching the water in your coffee pod machine needs to be to be able to create a cup of coffee.

Capsule Brewing Requires High Temperatures


Studies have proven that capsule coffee requires very excessive warmth to make an instantaneous cup of coffee. This exposes the coffee pod to an intensely centered heating course of that causes the leaching of xenoestrogens and estrogenic chemical compounds into the coffee that’s constructed from the pod. Plastics of all types comprise substances that shouldn’t be imparted to the human physique.

These chemical compounds are linked to estrogen and are seen by the physique as estrogens, which might trigger all types of well being issues. There is even proof that these compounds, when consumed by breastfeeding moms, would possibly hurt younger kids that aren’t consuming strong meals but. Men concerned in these research additionally confirmed diminished sperm counts in response to the estrogenic compounds impacting their native hormone stability.

Link to BPAs


BPAs, that are imparted to low-quality plastics that have been previously used for a lot of sorts of water bottles and different plastic meals containers, have been discovered to be launched into the meals or water within the container when uncovered to warmth. BPA use has been minimize down considerably as a result of rigorous research that confirmed that they brought on most cancers after they leached into consuming water and meals.

While estrogens aren’t the identical chemical as BPAs, the method of leaching is identical in coffee pods as within the water bottle and BPA research. Estrogen is a naturally-occurring hormone however these estrogenic chemical compounds aren’t naturally-occurring hormones and might subsequently trigger a complete host of destructive signs in individuals who have consumed them.

Symptoms of Estrogenic Compound Exposure

Symptoms of Estrogenic Compound Exposure from Coffee Pods

Studies not associated to the coffee pods research have proven that publicity to increased ranges of estrogenic compounds could cause hormone disruptions in each women and men. Men displayed diminished sperm manufacturing in response to those chemical compounds and girls confirmed indicators of diminished libido and fertility as nicely. Breastfeeding moms additionally have been proven to convey the compounds to their kids by way of breast milk, resulting in low weight achieve within the toddler in addition to different issues previous to giving start and starting breastfeeding.

While these research have been coping with publicity at a lot increased magnitudes than what’s conveyed to coffee by way of using a coffee pod, the dangers of those chemical compounds to your well being are fairly clear presently. Plastics have been proven for years to ship dangerous substances to meals and drinks when uncovered to warmth and making a cup of coffee will at all times require scorching water. There must be extra work executed into the connection between coffee pods and these estrogen-like chemical compounds however you would possibly wish to take into consideration this earlier than you make your subsequent cup of coffee.

How Much Does This Impact Your Cup of Coffee?


As the research into this sort of leeching impact of estrogen compounds into instantaneous coffees proceed, some docs have weighed in on the problem. No one will deny that there’s a threat of consuming this sort of coffee, however many docs and researchers have identified that the presence of those compounds is about 10 million instances decrease in magnitude and impact than precise estrogen.

While this would possibly seem to be a negligible threat to some individuals, there isn’t a denying that these coffee pods will impart chemical compounds from the plastic as they’re used to make your cup of coffee. You must determine your self in case you assume that that is an appropriate threat to your well being as extra research are executed into the potential well being dangers of those estrogenic compounds being conveyed to coffee.

Coffee is Healthy and Can Easily be Made Without the Pod

Coffee Can Easily be Made Without the Pod or Capsule

If you like coffee and are anxious about being uncovered to those estrogenic compounds, you may merely make your coffee the old style approach. There is nothing stopping anybody from ditching the pods and making a pot of coffee that doesn’t use a plastic container to brew the grounds. Coffee has been a staple of many cultures for a lot of generations and the one change that has led to this analysis is the rise in use of the plastic pod coffee maker.

If you like coffee and these research have made you assume twice, you may exchange your pod-style coffee maker with a conventional coffee pot or a French press. You may also get an insert in your instantaneous coffee pot that can permit you to use grounds which might be poured in from your personal luggage of product. There are some ways to keep away from the plastic pod when making coffee and there’s a probability that doing so would possibly enhance your long-term well being.

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